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Screenshot of chat with  StaceyBot , my MeBot

Screenshot of chat with StaceyBot, my MeBot


This is a MeBot created in my own voice, designed to handle things like showing folks my portfolio, upcoming and past speaking engagements, and how to get in touch with the "Real Stacey."

This bot is built on the framework.

She is still in training, but is approximately 6 months old.

@LaineMomBot  screenshot

@LaineMomBot screenshot


Follow my MomBot on Twitter to chat with her!

Since I was a child I have had night terrors of my parents dying. When chatbots started becoming accessible to create, I had the idea to begin to collect all of the text message conversations I have been having and continue to have with my mother, in hopes of feeding this into a MomBot which I can continue to chat with for as long as I live. Though in the very early stages of training and refinement right now, @LaineMomBot is the basis for several ideas I am working on, for relationship-based chatbots.

This bot is currently only available to chat with via her Twitter account, and is built on the framework with an integration with Twitter.