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I have spent my career strategizing for and designing products, services, and experiences - physical and digital, wholesale and retail. The one thing that has remained constant, no matter what industry or role I found myself in, has been keeping humans at the center of all of the work I do. Whether it's research, gap analysis, content strategy, interaction pattern design, or is more process-oriented like service design and change management - people are always at the heart of it all.

Technology is constantly evolving, and designing for this rapidly changing environment can be challenging. My undergraduate training in the visual and digital arts and graduate training in human computer interaction and design informs all of my work, allowing me to design The Next Big Thing, based on solid design principles and cognitive psychology.

"An incredibly reliable and responsible individual, she's very, very good at what she does..."
- Skip, Recruiter

"She kept her cool during high pressure situations and rolled with all the punches like a champ..."
- Monster Worldwide Recruiter