Stacey Seronick

research, design, strategy, art & fashion

design and development of content, sites, apps, experiences, logos, what-have-you

Stacey Seronick

International conference speaker, workshop and co-creation facilitator, guest blog writer, humanist




  • Performed user research and designed conversation for a chatbot designed to aide team members in assisting other team members and customers with deceased customer account handling at an American financial services giant

  • Managed operations and staff at 3 regional production centers, applying Lean principles and Kaizen philosophy resulting in an average operational savings of about 25%, for a multi-national non-profit, working to build the world’s largest online digital library

  • Through a service and process design engagement, established a center of excellence for enterprise quality assurance, including establishment of standards, best practices, training, and evaluation of both quality of product and process and a global Quality Assurance staff of 15

  • Community Organizer (volunteer leadership position) for Practical Service Design virtual community (

  • Voted "Fave Speaker" at UX New Zealand 2016 (link to conference review, featuring a vote for me as "Fave Speaker":

  • Design and strategy for content, interaction, service, print, web, and product as a freelancer and staffer at agencies for over 20 years

  • Designed, drew mechanical specs, sourced, had custom-manufactured, marketed, and exported from international markets for over 45 products in primarily North American and UK markets

  • Assisted in content strategy and development, and experience design to drive iterative releases of a web-based skills and assessment training course for MS Office products, increasing activation rates by 400% in one year and driving up NPS rating by about 26%


  • MHCID (Master's in Human-Computer Interaction and Design); University of California - Irvine, Irvine, CA; 2017

  • BA with a concentration in Intuitive Interactivity (Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts); Bennington College, Bennington, VT; 1998

"An incredibly reliable and responsible individual, she's very, very good at what she does..."
- Recruiter

"She kept her cool during high pressure situations and rolled with all the punches like a champ..."
- Corporate HR Specialist